How to Cope With Daylight Savings Time Change

It’s that time of year again where we spring forward and though we gain an hour of sunshine, this week is hard as we lose an hour of sleep. Whether you welcome this time of year or hate the effects of time change, here are a few tips to naturally reset our circadian rhythm.
💊Omega 3: Consume an Omega 3 supplement. Higher levels with Omega 3 DHA are associated with better sleep. Try to avoid a 3/6/9 supplement and focus strictly on Omega 3.
☀️Soak up the sun: spending time soaking up vitamin D can help our bodies circadian rhythm naturally re-adjust. Going outside especially in the morning and during the day, can help us feel more awake throughout the day.
⛷Exercise: 30 minutes of exercise ideally outdoors will help use up any extra energy that may keep you away at night. Exercise also releases natural endorphins that help us feel calm and relaxed.
☕️Limit your caffeine: If you’re struggling to get sleep at night and feel tired during the day try to restrict your caffeine. The half-life of caffeine is 6 hours so if you consumed 95mg (average cup of brewed coffee) at 3pm, you still have 47.5 mg of caffeine working to keep you awake and alert at 9pm.

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